Work orders

Work orders are the core of JETAS. All tasks that need to be done will be stored as a work order with a separate work order number. All work orders have a location, a due date and an assigned group that is qualified for the work at hand. This makes planning and scheduling the work easy! Always the right man at the right place at the right time! It is central to JETAS that the technician normally works with a mobile device. The mobile device is used to document all the tasks that the technician performs. This leads to large savings compared to a traditional, paper based, process.

Scheduled tasks
By creating recurring work orders, we ensure that no scheduled task is forgotten. These work orders are generated automatically by the system according to a specified schedule. Each work order can concern one or more objects in the object registry. It is possible to monitor all work ranging from the very broad strokes down to discrepancies concerning an individual sub-component during a specific time frame. You can structure the object registry to achieve exactly the level of detail that is suitable for any given task.