Real estate

JETAS for real estate

With the JETAS METHOD® installed in your property, you can plan all preventative and remedial maintenance, whether it be lifts, fans, pumps, gates, laundry rooms or emergency error reports.

Half the job done with AFF in Jetas!

JETAS AFF is a version of the JETAS METHOD® adapted to AFF (Agreement for Property Management), which is the real estate industry’s own contract structure. JETAS Aff is a unique tool for monitoring, evaluation and procurement.
With Aff, the management contract is defined and with the JETAS METHOD® quality is assured and the actual work is planned. No matter if you start from the beginning or have already introduced either Aff or the JETAS METHOD®,  you can get started quickly.

The JETAS METHOD® all the benefits and some more
With JETAS AFF, the JETAS METHOD® is supplemented with the Aff structure. The items that the user wants to have full control over and therefore put into JETAS, are marked with an AFF code. This way, a unique connection is created between objects and tasks that make it possible to link the field work with the administration work. This provides effective tools for quality assurance, rounding, calculations and calculations. In addition, JETAS AFF gives a receipt that the purchased work will also be completed.

Facts speak their clear language
The program delivers hard facts in the form of figures for both calculated and actual use of resources. Unquestionable supporting documents in numbers and SEK provide the best conceivable basis for budgeting, procurement and streamlining of work. Measures that are quickly visible in the income statement. With JETAS AFF, key figures for benchmarking and concrete comparisons make tools easily accessible. For example, the cost of individual technology areas or entire properties can easily be compared against each other.

Reports and Statistics

The JETAS method offers filtered reports that can be easily adapted to individual needs. The system has virtually endless configuration capabilities. All history is also saved and is easy to access.

Asset Report
Reports can be retrieved in real time at e.g. number of inventories carried out over a selected period of time or the most recently performed. Reports can also be filtered by time, location and equipment

All reports form the basis for statistics. You can easily track all work done via reports, which generates statistics, and evaluate the results on eg. month / quarter / year.