The JETAS Method® is the ideal solution for companies with employees who mainly spend the working day outside the office.

JETAS consists essentially of two parts, partly our web service, which is used for the reporting and administration of the system and partly through our applications. The technician downloads the work orders to which he or she has been assigned. These are then stored in their mobile device before execution. Each work order contains all the information about the work that is to be performed; the technician can even download drawings or maintenance descriptions if needed.
When the job is completed, the work order is usually sent to the server via the mobile network. Everyone in the group can immediately see that the work has been completed and the work order is marked as done.

JETAS was already built from version one with mobile devices in mind. In 1997, the first version came out, and then we used real Psion Workabout machines. Now the times have changed and it’s iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android that apply. All our handsets work from an internal database that synchronizes with the server. This means that there will be no problem doing work on the device even where data connection to the internet is missing.