Half the job done!

JETAS AFF is a version of the JETAS method® adapted to AFF (Real Estate Management Agreement), which is the real estate industry’s own contractual structure. JETAS Aff is a unique tool for follow-up, evaluation and procurement.
With Aff, the management contract is defined, with the JETAS method®, quality assured and planned the actual work. The benefits of combining both in JETAS AFF are big, those who start from the beginning and those who have already introduced either Aff or Jetas will get started quickly.

With JETAS AFF, the Jetas method is supplemented with the Aff structure. The objects that the user wants to keep in mind and therefore enter JETAS, is marked with an AFF code. This creates a unique connection between objects and tasks that enables the fieldwork to be linked with the management work. This provides efficient tools for quality assurance, rounding, calculations and calculations. JETAS AFF also acknowledges that the jobs purchased are also being carried out.

The facts speak their clear language
The program delivers hard facts in terms of figures for both estimated and real resource use. Unchallenged amounts in numbers and crowns provide the best possible basis for budgeting, procurement and streamlining of work. Measures that are quickly reflected in the income statement. With JETAS AFF, key figures for benchmarking and concrete comparisons are easily accessible tools. For example, the cost of individual technology areas or entire real estate can easily be set against each other.