Fire Prevention/Safety

What is systematic fire prevention?

The law in many contries states that real estate owners and tenants are jointly responsible for making sure that systematic fire prevention measures are in place during the construction and lifelong operation of any building. This includes documentation of the fire prevention measures!

How does it benefit me?

If an accident happens, documentation of the fire prevention measures must exist or the real estate owner might be held responsible for the accident. JETAS saves money by saving time while ensuring that inspections are performed ​​on time, with the resulting documentation being indisputable and completely paperless!

How does it work?

A great way to ensure that all paperwork is in order is to use JETAS. Everything that needs to be inspected regularly is entered into JETAS. The inspections are carried out using a mobile device in conjunction with barcodes in the facility to ensure that all control points are inspected and in good condition. If discrepancies exists, a work order is easily created using your mobile device as you discover them. Everything is paperless, you can easily access the documentation from any computer or mobile device with a web browser.

Does it work?

Yes! Kungälvs Kommun is currently doing extensive work to ensure that all of their facilities are adhering to regulations, this is of course particularly important in locations such as schools and daycare centers that the municipality has many of. JETAS makes this work easy to supervise and reduces the time needed to be able to meet regulatory standards.