Here’s what some of our customers think

The fact that everyone works in the same system in a system has significantly reduced the number of emails. We communicate in Jetas if, for example, you need to place an order on a new top or ellipse.

Testimonial Eva Klingstedt
Eva Klingstedt
Transport developer, Skånetrafiken

The main tasks of a bus stop technician are mostly practical. But everything that is not about taking care of bus shelters does Rasmus Helander directly on the mobile phone.

Testimonial Primär Infrastruktur
Primär Infrastruktur
Bus stop technician

I can recommend Jetas to other companies in the real estate industry, especially with regard to the personal support and feedback that I find very good. Both we and our tenants have got a higher quality but also save a lot of time.

Testimonial Erik Franzon
Erik Franzon
Technical manager, Midroc Property Development AB

The advantage of using JETAS is more efficient handling and faster reporting paths.

Testimonial Mikael Magnusson
Mikael Magnusson
CEO, Danfo AB