Planned maintenance

Planned property maintenance

Planned property maintenance, both short and long term, is of great importance for functionality, reliability and good economy! Well-planned measures minimize the risks of human and environmental damage, capital eradication is avoided and the functionality of the properties is maintained. Real estate operations are then done in a rational and cost-effective manner. Scheduled maintenance has a horizon of more than one year. It’s easy to ignore these costs when it’s time for budget. By including the planned maintenance in JETAS, these measures are not forgotten.

It’s easy to forget things!
Particularly when there is a lot to do and delegation of task is delegated. In order to ensure that the assignments that are on contract or on their own staff are really done, we have a system where no work tasks can be forgotten! In addition, one can demand a presence control, that is to say. that the performer must scan a barcode in place, alternatively NFC / RFID, to acknowledge the work order. Obviously, you can do the work order anyway, but a selection is also attached that points out that attendance can not be detected.