Task management

Task Management
JETAS is synonymous with effective error reporting. When an error occurs in the facility, this must be taken care of in a structured manner, JETAS enables this. Errors can come from a variety of sources; customers, technicians, helpdesk, supervisor, auto alarm, etc. Most of these groups have their own way of submitting errors that are appropriate to them, such as via app or web. Photographs and files are easily attached to the case. Automatic feedback comes via mail.

Customers can log in to the system via customer login and send away an error report or a request. This error report is a simplified version of the helpdesk and is very easy to use.

The helpdesk offered a more detailed version of the error report. You can then attach more information to the technician to facilitate the work. You can also configure several different types of error reporting that are customized for different applications.

The technician can use the web tool, but more likely, all error reports are made directly in the field via the app. This can also attach images to the problem.

The supervisor
The supervisor has the same opportunity to make a mistake but also has the opportunity to plan the work.