How it works

This is how it works

The service is ordered on a per-user basis. We run the system operations, backup and access to the Internet, etc. All customers receive a completely separate database, no outside party will have access to your data.. We provide a secure environment and encrypt our internet communications the same way the banks do it. We currently support most Windows Mobile devices and iPhone. It is also possible to use the web browser of a smartphone or iPad to access the system. No installation of additional software on your computers is needed.

Keep track of all installations
JETAS can be used anywhere where there is a need for recurrent and continuous maintenance and service! Working with JETAS brings substantial benefits regardless of whether the work is done in-house or if it is done using contractors.

Advantages with JETAS
Optimal staffing
The right man at the right place at the right time, equipped with the right tools and right spare parts is JETAS in a nutshell. The elaborate structure along with the right data provides the best basis for planning your staff. You avoid wasted time and unnecessary costs. By using JETAS, administrators and managers quickly discover that they have attained a more even workload.
JETAS facilitates staff rotation and is a valuable knowledge bank in the event of staff replacements.

Work orders and service request
Work orders for planned maintenance are automatically generated and sent to the right persons mobile device. Work orders based on a customer requests are created directly via a website or with personal assistance from a help desk, for example.

JETAS offer generous reports which can easily be adapted to individual needs. The system has virtually endless configuration possibilities. All history is saved and is easily accessible.

Companies with operations in multiple countries benefit from the support for multiple languages in JETAS.
The system makes sure all data is available in a base language, such as English. This can be combined with local languages as the operations expands to new countries. The base language and a local language can be displayed on screen simultaneously.