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JETAS Case Management System is used by the Public Transport industry for the supervision, management and repair of Bus stops, Shelters and Train stations. Jetas PT has been developed specifically against the public transport industry in cooperation with Västra Götaland Regionen, Chalmers Industrial Technology, Primär Infrastruktur and Skånetrafiken. The goal was to develop the capabilities demanded by industry such as: Route Optimization, Analysis of malicious damage, Management of temporary traffic diversions and Fault complaints with automatic reports to the Police authorities and more.

Environmental and financial savings

Route optimized work orders saves time and fuel and thereby the environment.

Bus/Train stop maintenance – Technicians and operators will get supervision/maintenance/cleaning work orders according to the maintenance schedule directly to their iPhone, packed with work instructions, equipment lists and navigation support and much more.

Bus/Train stop Inspections – E.g a supervisors can create a survey work order directly at the bus stop and evaluate the status. Giving you a great status overview and indicates the performance level of the service supplier.

Dashboard – Provides instantaneous status of all planned and unplanned work. The Dashboard is the first thing you see when you log on to the system.

Fault complaints – Anyone that discovers an error or a defect can make a service request on the spot, easy and paperless. Helpdesk can register cases directly in the system.

Sustainable and simple
The system is web based and mobile, use any browser at the office and your iPhone on the field!  The paperless system will simplify communication and planning. Additionally, it provides environmental and cost savings.

With our system, you can perform both full inventory and update of existing information, which is synchronized with existing JETAS registries. The inventory is made by a combination of object photography, drop-down list, check boxes and free text. Reports can be retrieved in real time on eg. number of inventories made during a selected period of time or the most recently completed. Reports can also be filtered on time, location and equipment.

Synkronisering med Rebus
JETAS can be automatically synchronized with Rebus.

Satisfied travelers

Current customers can testify that end customer satisfaction increased significantly while the number of error reports from passengers declined drastically. The system provides a complete overview of all the objects and works – no cases are forgotten.

Analysis of malicious damage – How does it work?

Fast and interactive reporting, map-based with statistics and graphs of vandalism, graffiti, costs, etc. Interactive filters give you just the data you are looking for!

Route optimization

– JETAS sends out orders to operating personnel smartphones about which buildings / stops / stations etc. To be visited and what to do and when. (Cleaning, repair, maintenance, etc.)
– The work orders contain a whole route with several buildings / stops, which have been optimized with the best route.
– If there are other work orders within a specified distance, it is possible to report this, fix it and then return to the optimized route.
– Quality and presence can be checked with barcodes any RFID / NFC tag on each item

The main tasks of a platform technician are, of course, practical. But everything that is not about taking care of bus routes makes Rasmus Helander right in the mobile phone.

Testimonial Nice and tidy with broom and mobile
Nice and tidy with broom and mobile
Primär Infrastruktur

That all work on the same case in a system has reduced the number of mail significant. We communicate in Jetas if, for example, an order is required on a new top or ellipse.

Testimonial Eva Klingstedt
Eva Klingstedt
Trafikutvecklare, Skånetrafiken

A project in cooperation with:

New partner, we welcome Saps!

Saps has signed a new agreement with Skånetrafiken regarding the operation and maintenance of stops and stations throughout Skåne. The agreement extends over a five-year period with an option for a further two-year extension. The contract sum is estimated to amount to approximately SEK 50-70 million over the contract period. Saps has about 200 employees across the country.

From January 1, 2020, Saps will manage all bus stops in the Skåne region’s 33 municipalities using the JETAS METHOD.

Implementation and training of Saps staff will be ongoing during the fall of 2019.

JETAS switches to electric cars!

JETAS has made a decision by the Board to use only EL-powered service cars from January 1, 2020.
The cars that are replaced today produce about 8 tonnes of CO2 per year, by switching to electric cars that are only charged on green electricity, we eliminate the total emissions.

JETAS is partnering with iCore Solutions


We are pleased to announce that as of October 1, 2019, we have chosen to partner with iCore Solutions for our integration solutions based on the iCore Integration Suite software. iCore is a Gothenburg-based company with around 50 employees and has been around since 1999. A selection of their customers are JULA, Bisnode, Grant Thornton, ESAB, MTR and Bergman & Beving.

We are very much looking forward to our cooperation!

New support-number from the 1st of May

From the 1st of May we will change the support number, our new number is (+46)721-64 59 59
You can always reach us via our mail,

We’ll also introduce mobile switches, which means that there are now five people available in support during Swedish office hours 09:00-17:o0 (GMT +1.0 (+2.0 summer time)).

We welcome Toyota as a new client!

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